The products differ less in their proportions but in their form. The measurements serve only as a guideline as they can be chanced anytime if desired.

With a few exceptions every model is available as bowl and as basin, whereby the bowls are getting filled with quartz sand and the basins filled with a hardening component. Customer’s wishes are no problem whilst lying in technical viable constraints.

The delivery time is at around six weeks because of the unique and customized workmanship.


For requests regarding prices or other questions and questions please feel free to contact us.


Diameter: 32 cm; Height: 16 cm

This model is ideal for rustic pubs and bars because of the usage of aged beer barrels. The outside consists of the old staves made out of oak beeing hold together by iron bands, the inside is our classical copper work. Longer delivery times and constrained dimensions apply due to the availability of the beer barrels. 


Lenght: 50 cm; Width: 40 cm; Height: 13 cm

This modern wash basin with its hidden drain is an eye-catcher in the modern straight-line designed bathroom. Installing an rectangular-shaped faucet underlines the appearance of this basin.


Length: 70 cm; Width: 50 cm; Height: 13 cm

The oval look of the Keewee appeals very wide without losing any lightness. This basin looks proportional even at large dimensions and is therefore ideal for a family bathroom.


Diameter: 42 cm; Height: 12 cm

This large basin makes a heavy impression and therefore needs its space in the bathroom.


Diameter: 41 cm; Height: 13 cm

The restraint lines transmit easiness to this form, which is an eye-catcher in every bathroom.


Diameter: 40 cm; Height: 21 cm

The Copperbelt has a very noble impression as a bowl or a basin with its high and elegant form.


Diameter: 33 cm; Height: 33 cm

The basin for slightly different guest bathroom. Ideally installed by pairs.

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